Dr. DeCosmo has been my doctor for long time. He not only listens to his patients but if traditional methods of treatment do not work, he will try holistic solutions until the problem is addressed and treated.

Eileen N.

Despite several trips to specialists, tests, and medications taken for over a year and a half, Dr. DeCosmo diagnosed and successfully treated my issue in one visit.

Marlene F.

Dr. DeCosmo has helped me navigate my health issues unlike any other doctor I have seen in my life. He has helped me manage my allergies and improve my lower back pain.

Scott S.

Dr. DeCosmo is knowledgeable with regard to nutrition. He has helped me with my diet and general health.

Daniel C.

Dr. DeCosmo and his staff are excellent. I appreciate him and contribute him to saving my life.

Suzy S.

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